1. Garden center in MI has you covered for all seasons

    When most people think of plant nurseries or gardens, they see them as busy and bustling during the summer. However, the fall season can represent an important time for plants as well. Autumn is a time of harvest for vegetable plants, and when some fall plants are just getting started. There are some vegetable plants that thrive in cooler conditions, and the later season means pumpkins for Hallowe…Read More

  2. Green house in Saginaw brings color all season

    Before modern agriculture and transportation, growing things such as flowers and vegetables was much more difficult. Every plant had a very specific season in which it could be planted that it would grow. Additionally, there were only certain climates in which these plants would grow, and their distribution was small. With advances in technology, however, people have found a way to expand both the…Read More

  3. Gardening supplies from Saginaw have a long history

    One of humankind's greatest characteristics is its innovative and inventive nature. People are always coming up with new and better ways to solve problems and increase productivity.  As the population continues to grow, it becomes increasingly more important to be able to produce as much food as possible. Machines and tools have been invented and refined to improve production and quality of comme…Read More

  4. Share the gift of color with hanging flower baskets in 48601

    Most hanging baskets with plants are usually flowers, because they tend to do better in confined spaces than vegetables. One of the advantages of a hanging basket over a traditional garden is that you can keep them in a variety of places. You can bring color and fresh flowers to porches or patios, balconies, windowsills, and other places that might not occupy a full garden. Keeping the basket out …Read More

  5. Garden Center in MI for all seasons

    As spring changes into summer, the aspect of gardening changes as well. Spring is a time for planting, fertilizing, and giving every plant the best possible chance to survive the season. A lot of preparation and tools are needed to make this happen, all of which can be obtained at Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center. After spring comes the long summer of growing. This time is crucial for plants to …Read More

  6. Green House in Saginaw helps with landscaping too

    A great garden is made up of more than just the plants that compose it. Landscaping is an art that involves placement, color, and objects mixed in. You can create something dramatic, whimsical, bold, or beautiful by carefully choosing plants and where to put them. Abele Greenehouse and Garden Center has an on-staff landscape expert who can help turn your yard into something worth talking about. In…Read More

  7. Gardening Supplies from Saginaw help maintain gardens until the end

    Taking care of a garden is a lot of work and a long-time commitment. It is more than just preparing the soil and planting the flowers, vegetables, or shrubs of your choice. Plants must be tended all summer long for them to flourish and bear fruit. The amount of work that goes into a garden depends on what kinds of plants they are, and also the gardening supplies from Saginaw that are used. There i…Read More

  8. Benefits of hanging flower baskets from 48601

    Those without access to outdoor spaces can still enjoy the great outdoors brought in. Hanging flower baskets from 48601 make a great alternative for those who do not have a garden to enjoy. They don't require much space or attendance, other than the occasional watering. They do need more water than in-ground plants because they hang and don't retain as much of the water. But this means they also d…Read More

  9. Growing cucumbers with help from a garden center in MI

    Growing your own vegetables can save you money at the grocery store, and give you a better idea of what goes into your food. Having fresh produce available all summer long is healthier, and a rewarding hobby. Growing cucumbers is easy with the help of a garden center in MI. Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center gets the plants off to the best start, putting even novice gardeners on the path to a fres…Read More

  10. Green House Saginaw tips for growing tomatoes

    Tomato plants are one of the most common garden vegetables that you see, and for good reason. They are relatively easy to grow, and provide fruit early and often. Taking care of tomatoes is easy with a few simple tips. If you are new to gardening, start with plants sprouted in a greenhouse, such as Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center, and transplant them already growing. Tomato plants require about…Read More