1. The right gardening supplies for the job

    Gardening is a hobby that requires a very specific and unique set of tools to be successful. It is more than just a shovel and watering can, though this basic set will be enough for any beginning gardener learning the ways of nature. There are gardening supplies available for every level of experience and garden type. Depending on how much of the work you want to do, you can get machines that make…Read More

  2. Hanging Flower Baskets add easy color to not a lot of space

    Not everyone who wants a garden lives in an area where they are able to sprawl vegetables over several acres. Small houses, apartments, and people living in the city have options to bring fresh flowers, plants, and elements of the garden into their homes and yards. Even if they don't have a lot of space around their home, and not a lot of land for in-ground plants, hanging flower baskets provide a…Read More

  3. If you plan to get your garden from a garden center in MI

    The two main plants that comprise most gardens are annuals and perennials. Annuals are fleeting, and bloom one year before dying, but usually last several months. Perennials can surprise you by returning year after year to bring color to your yard, so it pays to know what you are planting when you plan your garden. Abele Greenhouse and Garden can help make the decision, as they know plants. They h…Read More

  4. Time to make your garden beautiful with the best Green House in Saginaw

    The best plants come from the best seeds, and the best seeds start their roots at Abele Green House in Saginaw. Starting a garden is a time-consuming and often back-breaking process that doesn't always yield the results you want. Why not let the experts in plant care get your garden started with beautiful flowers, trees, and shrubs? Abele Greenhouse has over 35 years of careful plant tending exper…Read More