Can you believe it? August is already here, meaning while the warm weather hasn’t subsided just yet, you can still be making some progress where your garden is concerned. Yes, it may be hot during the days but as summer slows down, the mornings and late afternoons are perfect for planting. As long as you can guarantee that your seedlings can get the right amount of water over the next couple of weeks, there is no reason to not be planting.Screenshot_4

Warmer Temperatures Means Warmer Soil

Something you may not be aware of is how much warm soil can aid in the accelerated growth of roots. When you plant in early August, you are allowing for your new plants to really get a head-start on their growth. While perennials may not be showing any top growth now, the roots will be growing at an incredible pace, making them sure to be a conversation piece next spring.

Don’t Forget Trees & Shrubs

While we will never discourage the planting of flowers, we also don’t want you to forget about the other ways you can help your yard. One of the best ways to maintain healthy soil and a beautiful lawn is to plant shrubs and trees around your property. You’ve gone the entire summer thinking about covering up that A/C unit with a beautifully flowered bush, or maybe you’ve been wishing you had more shade in the backyard since your last BBQ. Whatever changes you have been wanting to make, make them now before it gets too cold! Completing the job now will mean
less work and more enjoyment when the spring season rolls around.

Additions To Your Garden

If you haven’t planted any grapes or raspberries in your garden recently, this time of year is perfect for adding them. Just be sure to plant them somewhere they will get a good amount of sun and steadily delivered moisture.

Stop Into Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center To Get Started

Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in Saginaw is your one-stop-shop for everything you could possibly need for your garden. We have tools, seeds, and anything else you could be searching for to enhance your garden before autumn arrives. Stop in to see us today and get a better idea of what it is you want to add to your garden this month.