Starting a garden is an exhilarating journey that quickly turns into a productive passion. At Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in Saginaw, Michigan, we provide you with all you need to start your garden right. Whether it’s plants, supplies, or gardening knowledge, our team has over 45 years of experience to offer. Keep reading for a beginner’s guide to gardening. 

Choose Your Plants or Seeds

The first step in starting your garden is deciding if you want to start from a seed or a small plant. Starting from seed means watching the exciting process of germination, and learning to sow! At Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center, we have many seed options to choose from. We also have hundreds of fruits, vegetables, and roots to select from. Starting from a small plant you can be sure you’ll produce a healthy crop, in less time and effort. 

planting seeds

small plants sprouting in sunlight

Sun and Water Requirements

After you’ve selected your plants to start with, it’s time to learn what kind of sun and water they require. If you have a container garden indoors, then make sure you have the right supplemental lighting. If you have an outdoor garden that’s planted in-ground, it’s important to keep it watered and feed it nutrients. At Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center, our gardening experts can quickly explain what your chosen plants will require. A majority of plants will also come with a tag inserted that will tell you their preferred zone, expected size, sun requirements, and watering.  

Soils and Fertilizers 

Having the right combination of soils and fertilizers will determine what kind of abundant results you render from your new garden. Having a well-draining soil that’s a healthy mixture of compost or fertilizers is essential in creating a growing and plentiful garden. At Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center, we offer several gardening soil options to fit your style or preference of gardening. We also carry a generous amount of fertilizers and products, to keep your garden full of nutrients and free of pests.

pouring soil around small plants

various gardening tools

Gardening Tools and Supplies

The last step to beginning your garden is having the right gardening tools and supplies. No matter how large or small your garden is, there are tools that can make your gardening experience significantly easier and more productive. From the smallest garden using a rain-style watering can, to a large garden needing mulch and more! At Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center, we can help you determine what tools and supplies your garden needs to give you a bountiful harvest, with ease. 

Find a greenhouse garden center that provides the plants, products, and expertise you need to begin your garden. At Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center  in Saginaw, Michigan, we are passionate about teaching you how to garden and love sharing our years of experience, tips, and tricks, to help you grow! Get started gardening today.