By Jenny Peterson

Sometimes a gardener needs a quick, simple project in the garden to feel accomplished. Call it instant gratification if you will, but so many garden activities force you to take such a long-term approach (planting bulbs for next spring, amending the soil, starting seeds) that it’s immensely satisfying to start and complete a project within an hour. And now that harvest time is upon us, I’ve got a stunning project for you that will take twenty minutes and cost under $30. Ever heard of a pumpkin topiary? Just start with a tall planter or plant stand, and you can create a garden focal point or an entryway accent.


3 pumpkins in graduated sizes and various colors (I used a jumbo Fairy Tale pumpkin, a medium-sized Casper pumpkin, and a small regular pie pumpkin)

1 medium-sized grapevine wreath (make sure the diameter is as large as the bottom of your largest pumpkin)

Bags of moss (green reindeer moss, sphagnum moss, Spanish moss)

Sprigs of artificial berries (or real berries if you have access to them)


1. Start by placing the grapevine wreath on top of a plant stand or a large pot. Be sure your pot or stand is in its final place, because once you add the pumpkins it will be too heavy to move.

2. Place your largest pumpkin on top of the wreath.

3. Arrange some moss on top of the pumpkin, allowing some to drape over the edge.

4. Stack your medium-sized pumpkin on top of the bottom pumpkin, being careful to center and balance it.

5. Arrange more moss on top of the medium pumpkin, and finish by placing your smallest pumpkin on top.

6. Tuck berry sprigs into the grapevine wreath and you’re done!