Fall is such a pleasant time of year in Michigan. We get to enjoy the changing of the colors, watch as the leaves fall to the ground, spend time outdoors in perfect weather, and watch Canadian geese head for warmer grounds. Fall is also the time to prepare your garden for spring planting, as well as plant any perennials or annuals you may have been planning.

Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in Saginaw offers the best seeds, potted plants, gardening tools, and gardening advice to help you get ready for the fall. From vegetables and flowers to trees and shrubs, we have just what you need to make your landscape design beautiful. Keep reading for some of our fall garden tips, and then visit us today for all your garden supplies today!


What to Do in Your Garden in the Fall

  • Keep up on the watering and the weeding. Your grass is still growing throughout the fall. Don’t let weeds take over, or they will just be that more difficult to remove in the spring.
  • Keep harvesting your fall plants. Your vegetables that you planted in the spring will keep growing as long as conditions are ripe and you keep picking.
  • Deadhead (or prune) your herbs to keep productive and thriving.
  • Keep up on pest control. Many insects and pests live throughout the fall and right before the first freeze hits. In this time, they are concentrating on reproducing, and they are still eating. Make sure you regularly inspect your fall vegetable gardens for signs of pests.
  • Remove all dead plants. If you had some crops not survive the Michigan summer, remove them to free up space for your healthy plants.
  • Fertilize your garden. As Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in Saginaw just mentioned, your garden is still growing in the fall. However, due to the shorter growing season as the days are shortening and the weather cooling off, you’ll need to help your vegetables along. Consider adding in some plant food or fertilizer for extra sustenance.
  • Plant fall vegetables! Fall is the time for fall vegetables. Plant mesclun, spinach, radishes, carrots, and others that prefer to grow in cooler weather.

What to Do for Your Annuals in the Fall

  • Prune your annuals. This allows your annuals to not try and sustain parts of itself that will die anyways.
  • Maintain the same water routine. You will want to water your annuals as long as you water your yard.
  • Add in fertilizer. For the same reasons as for your fall garden, feed your annual fertilizer to give it a growing boost before the cold weather hits.
  • Plant fall flowers! Like fall vegetables, there are some flowers that prefer the colder weather. These include mums, asters, pansies, and more.

What to Do for Your Perennials in the Fall

  • Move them if you wish. As perennials are headed into hibernation, now is a good time to move them around if you wish and prune them up to get ready for the spring growing season.
  • Check Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in Saginaw for perennial specials!

What to Do for Your Bulbs in the Fall

  • Plant spring bulbs! For many gardeners, this can be the highlight of their year. Planting bulbs in the fall for the spring is a pure delight as you picture tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and snowdrops gracing your yard in the spring.
  • Guard against squirrels. Just like your plants are preparing for the fall, so too are critters — critters who happen to like eating your bulbs. Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in Saginaw recommends that you invest in some chicken wire to put around your bulbs until the first freeze hits to prevent these pests from digging up your precious bulbs.

What to Do for Your Trees and Shrubs

  • Prune your trees and shrubs. The less your tree and shrub has to maintain, the better they will fare in the spring.
  • Water your trees and shrubs. Continue watering your trees and shrubs until at least you quit watering your yard, but up until the first freeze if possible.


Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in Saginaw offers expert gardening advice, as well as advice and tips for the fall for your garden, lawn, annuals, perennials, and trees. Visit us today for all of your garden supply needs!