We hear from our customers all the time that they love having plants in their home but they simply do not know how to keep them alive. While you may think all you have to do is pick out a plant and put it in a sunny corner of your apartment, this is not necessarily the case. In order for a plant to make the interior of your home more welcoming and beautiful, you’re going to have to give it the love and attention required to keep it thriving. And you may as well when you think about all that plants can do for you. They clean the air inside of your home, making it easier for you to breathe, they add a sense of calm in your space and they tend to just make us happier. If you want to know how you can best keep your plants alive and make your home a nice space for our plants to thrive, continue reading below.


When it comes to plants, you need to make sure that they are in proportion to the space and other houseplants you may also own. This just means that you should choose plants that are of a similar size, texture, and form. This means all of your cactus plants should be displayed in the same space, while your smooth leaf plants should be displayed together elsewhere.

You may also want to consider repeating the themes of plants. If you have plants that look similar in their pots or terrariums, place them together on a windowsill or in a sunny corner of your living room.

Additionally, balance can mean grouping identical houseplants next to one another to showcase them and create an artistic look in your space.

Focal Point

When you look at a landscape, the focal point is the thing that draws you in. Plants can work this way in your home, drawing people into certain rooms and giving them a good vibe. Having a houseplant like a small palm tree, or a large hanging plant can take a boring room to the next level. Additionally, this is a great way to fill an empty corner in your home that you just aren’t sure what to do with.


When it comes to watering your plants, we wish we could give you a broad piece of advice that would allow for you to keep all of your plants alive with the same sort of maintenance. The truth is, plants are like people, we all need the same things to survive but everyone is a tiny bit different. Knowing what the plants you own need is the only way you can ensure that your plants remain alive. Do the research when you purchase a new plant and you will see your houseplants thrive.

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