At the beginning of each year, people make all sorts of resolutions. Whether it is to get into better shape, spend more time with family, or budget their money more effectively, nearly everyone thinks of the new year as the perfect time to improve themselves. One of the many ways in which this is done is to choose a new hobby and pursue it. This year, we are encouraging your to take up gardening in 2018. Not only are we recommending this because we adore gardening at Abele but we also know about all of the benefits that come with knowing how to garden and doing it often. Continue reading below to find out how gardening can positively affect your life.

Gardening Can Boost Your Mood

Did you know that gardening has been linked to lessening depression based off several different studies? While there aren’t any real answers as to why or how, experts hypothesize that the ability to connect with something much larger than ourselves is great for providing us with perspective. Additionally, physical work and being outside are also thought to enhance your mood as you garden as well.

Gardening Can Help You To Be Less Stressed

People often find that they struggle to simply sit back and enjoy the moment. Since we are constantly bombarded with technology that comes in miltope forms, we often cannot disengage long enough to actually appreciate the smallest and simplest things in our lives. Gardening requires a bit of focus, but for the most part, your mind is able to wander, allowing you to also appreciate things you may have not thought about otherwise. This will leave you feeling more positive and less stressed. Stress relief can also aid in preventing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and more.

Gardening Is Good Exercise

You may not think of gardening as an exercise but it actually can give you quite the workout. Between digging, to planting to moving your supplies around, you are sure to work up a sweat every time you head out to your garden to work.

Gardening Promotes A Healthy Lifestyle

If you are putting the things you are planting on your dinner table, gardening can aid to you eating much more healthy foods than you would be otherwise. Since you have grown the produce, you know that it is safe to eat. Additionally, you won’t want your veggies going to waste after you spent so much time tending to them, which will lend to you eating more nutritious foods more often.

Gardening Can Help You To Sleep

Another great reason being active while gardening will benefit you has to do with how well you sleep at night. When you are outside and getting exercise, you are much more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

Gardening Gives You A Reason To Be Out In The Sun

When you are outside, you are exposing yourself to Vitamin D from the sun. This can help to boost your immune system and your skin and bone health overall. Just don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!

Want To Get Started In The Garden?

If you are ready to invest your time and energy into a new hobby that will benefit you in multiple ways, gardening is the perfect option for you. You’re going to need some help to get started, however. We would suggest that you stop into Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in Saginaw. We would be happy to offer our expertise to you and assist you in acquiring everything you will need to be an expert gardener in 2018 and beyond! Come see us today!

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