With the weather changing and beginning to get colder in Michigan, you likely aren’t looking to plant anything outdoors anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop being a gardener all together for the next six months. In fact, there are plenty of things you can plant inside your home that will give you the same satisfaction you find when tending to your garden during the warm months. One of our favorite things we encourage our customers to plant November through April are herbs. Herbs are great because they can grow indoors and they are also relatively easy to take care of. Let’s talk about some of the best herbs you can plant in containers this winter.


If you want to grow basil this winter, you’re going to want to start with seedlings because it is often hard to make basil germinate. Basil is great because you can use it in so many dishes. It will be especially great in spring and summer salads once the warm weather returns.


Chives can be used in a number of ways as well as in a number of dishes. If you would add onions to a dishes, chives are a great substitute. Most gardeners have success growing chives when they begin them from seedlings.


Cilantro is a two-in-one treat because not only do you get cilantro leaves out of it but you also get spicy coriander (the seeds that come from the cilantro plant). Coriander is most often used to flavor different foods like curry powders, sausages, pickles and more. Cilantro seeds can easily germinate in a plant pot. Cilantro will tend to lose a lot of its flavor when dried so make sure you use it fresh and/or freeze the excess.


If you want to grow your dill in a container, we would suggest that you plant Fernleaf Dill. Most often the leaves of the herb are used in vinegars and salads. Conversely the seeds are used to flavor many things such as pickles, stews, breads and rice. Dill also serves as a great garnish.


Anyone who has ever grown mint, whether it be in a container or a garden, will tell you that this herb will undoubtedly take over in very little time. Mint can be used in many recipes, and at the very least will make your home smell fresh and clean.


Parsley is known to be a great herb that can add flavor to nearly any dish. If you are wanting to plant parsley in a container, we would suggest that you plant both flat leaf parsley and triple curled parsley in the same pot for the best results. Before you know it, your container will be overflowing with parsley.


One of the easiest herbs to grow in a container is sage. Simply set the container in a sunny window or balcony and watch it thrive. Planting the seeds will be the most time-consuming thing you have to do when growing sage.

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