When it comes to Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of flowers is an absolute must for your sweetheart. However, we have found that many people have no idea what sorts of flowers are the best for showing how much you care. Of course, there are always red roses, but that seems to be a bit played out these days. As a garden center, we know a lot about flowers here at Abele’s. This is why we have chosen to help you out this year and let you know what we think the most romantic flowers are so that you can send the right message on this special day. Continue reading below and pick out the perfect flowers for your sweetheart.

Yellow Daffodils

While you may see yellow daffodils all over the place once spring rolls around, you may not ever have known what the meaning of this common bloom is. This flower is known to represent new beginnings. It is also known to be a symbol of luck for future success. These are the perfect flowers to send that someone special when you are in the beginning stages of a relationship.

Blue Violet

This flower is extremely vibrant and bold, which makes its meaning seem perfect. The blue violet is said to represent trustworthiness, affection, faith, intuition, and love. If you want to show that the love shared between you and your significant other contains all the necessary parts of a successful relationship, this is a fantastic choice.

Blue Salvia

While it may not be conventionally romantic, we really like the message behind the blue salvia flower. This species is known to represent wisdom, good health, and a long life. If you want to show that you are looking forward to the future with your sweetheart, we think these flowers are the way to go.

White Lilac

There are few flowers that look nicer in a bouquet than white lilac. It also doesn’t hurt that these flowers symbolize purity and youthful innocence, two things that come with the very best romantic tales.


This is one of our absolute favorites. Gardenia is known to represent secret love. This flower is perfect to send to someone who you have been having feelings for, but who you have yet to be able to tell. Gardenia, in a nutshell, says, “Can’t you see I love you?” which is one of the most romantic sentiments we can personally think of.


This one might seem a bit more obvious but sometimes a point-blank message is what’s needed. These plants imply the best kind of love, true love. The type of love that could never, under any circumstances, be forgotten.

Sweet Asylum

Sweet, simple, and sure to draw the eye, sweet asylum are fantastic flowers to send on Valentine’s Day. Other than symbolizing beauty, this flower is also supposed to offer protection to those who are on the receiving end.


Not only is this flower gorgeous but it makes a great addition to a romantic bouquet as it depicts femininity and has been given to loved ones for occasions that range from anniversaries to birthdays to show how much they are appreciated.

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