If you are starting a new garden and have gotten very excited about the idea how spend your spring and summer in the soil, you may end up going a little overboard at the garden store. So to prevent you from spending hours walking in circles looking at different tools we have compiled a list of garden tools that are a must-have for a new gardener.

  1. Spade
    These are shovels with square heads and short handles most often used to dig planting holes, edging beds, removing sod, and moving small amounts of soil from one pot or plot to another. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra cash on a spade as this is something that will last you and your garden for decades to come.

  2. Digging Fork
    Perfect for turning compost piles and loosening compacted soil, the most useful digging fork will come with four square tines and fort rests as well as a D-shaped handle.

  3. Dandelion Digger
    Make sure weeds are not a problem for you with these handy “dandy-lion” tools. Never ruin your nail beds again. Make wedding fast and easy from this point on.

  4. Hand Cultivator
    Before you plant the seeds in your garden you’re going to need something to break up the soil in both containers and garden beds. The best hand cultivators have steel heads and wooden handles that are firmly attached. These tools are worth the investment as they will last you for many years.

  5. Loppers
    While preparing for your garden, cleaning out the backyard, removing shrubs and tree branches that may be in the way and block the sun you are going to need a pair of loppers. This sharp, easy to use tool pruning nearly anything you need a little maintenance is.

See our next blog post for Part 2 and to find out what other tools you will need for you new garden!