Last blog post we started a list of the must-have gardening tools every new gardener needs in order for them to be successful. This blog post we continue this list:

  1. Long Hose With Rain Wand
    A hose is of course a must have for your garden. Rubber hoses are the best as they last much longer than plastic hoses. Make sure the hose comes with brass couplings and not plastic. Overall, the avoid plastic. The length of course will depend on the size of your yard, the size of your garden, and the proximity of the spigot on your home in relation to your garden.

  2. Bypass Pruners
    You will need a pair of these for many jobs in your garden. There are plenty of mid-range priced pruners that are fairly good quality and that will last you for quite a while. Make sure to look for a pair that comes apart so that you can clean and sharpen your shears.

  3. Rake
    Rakes are of course great in the fall from removing leaves from your yard but they are also wonderful for cleaning out your garden beds in the spring. Get a rake that will last you. We suggest bamboo and steel rakes for longevity.

  4. Hoe
    Depending on what you are planting in your garden, you may need a specific type of hoe. People planting vegetables in their garden would do best with a standard or stirrup hoe. If you are working with plants or flowers that are delicate however, a super-thin style model may be required in your garden.

  5. Hand Trowel
    This tool will become your the MVP of your garden once you begin using it. Basically any task can be handled with this tool from planting annuals, herbs, vegetables, digging out weeds and mixing potting mixes.

Come into Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center and find all of these tools and more. Start your garden completely prepared for whatever comes! Plant the seeds and reap the rewards! You’ll be happy you’re ready and prepared with your essential equipment.