The first day of spring is just one month away which means it’s time to start stocking up on all the things you need to make your garden spectacular this year. With that said, we thought we could give you some tips regarding how to best prep for getting the garden you’ve always dreamed of. So let’s get started…

  1. You must plan
    Gardening isn’t as simple as just putting on some gloves and digging in. You must first know what kind of plants you want in your garden and what you are missing as far as gardening supplies are concerned.
  2. Get the right tools
    If you never really invested in good gardening tools or if your gardening tools have nearly reached the end of their lives, it may be time to stop into a gardening store like Abele’s and pick up what new items you need.  Make sure to also clean any tools you may already own with turpentine and denatured alcohol so that they are ready to do their jobs fully.
  3. Make sure your soil is prepared
    It is likely that when you return to your garden, it will be full of weeds and such. Removing those weeds is the first important step to making sure your garden is successful this year. Once the weeds have been removed, mix some fertilizer into the soil and you’ll be all set!

Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center has everything you need to prep for your spring garden. Stop in and see us today!