If this is your first season gardening, you may not know where to start. Often, most people begin by growing their seeds indoors until they begin to see growth. After this they will start a hardening process. Hardening is when you take seedlings that have been started indoors and begin to get them accustomed to the outdoors by slowly exposing them to the environment. Here you can discover how to go about this process to guarantee the best results!

  1. You want to begin the hardening process about seven to ten days before you intend on transplanting your seedlings outside.
  2. For the first two or three days, you simply want to sit your seedlings in a shady area in your yard that is protected from wildlife for just a couple of hours. Do not leave them out overnight.
  3. Over the next two or three days, you will want to gradually start exposing the plants to sunlight for a few hours of the day. Do not choose midday to do this, however, as the sun may be too strong at this time.
  4. By day seven, you should be able to leave the majority of your plants out for the duration of the day and even at night if the temperature is not dropping below 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. By the time day 10 rolls around, your plants will be ready to make a permanent home in your outdoor garden. Make sure to water the plants as soon as they have been transplanted into the soil, but do not over-water them. You can also keep plants protected for the first week they are outside full-time by covering them with a tarp or row covers.

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