You may already know that indoor plants are a great additional to your home for several reasons. For one, they clean the air in our home and are pleasing to the senses in general. Secondly they add a bit of color and life to your indoor living spaces. Lastly, they are extremely easy to take care! For those who are just introducing plants into their home, here are just a few of the easier ones to take care of to get you started.

  1. Succulents
    These small plants are a great place to begin your indoor gardening hobby. The main reason? They only need to be watered twice a month! That’s about as easy as it gets!
  2. Snake Plants
    This plant will grow in a number of different light conditions and only needs to be watered one time a month.
  3. Homalomena Plant
    This beautiful plants sports heart-shaped leaves and can thrive in low to medium light. Not to mention the leaves will not turn brown at the tips even if you do forget to water it for a few days.
  4. The Bird’s Nest Fern
    Ferns vary in their difficulty to take care of them however, the Bird’s Nest is a great starter fern. Water this plant once a week and watch the beauty unfurl!
  5. The Neon Pothos
    This bright green plant will liven up any dark corner in your home. This plant grows widely in low light and can be trailed from one area of your home to another for extra effect.

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