Looking for a great family activity that everyone can enjoy together? Gardening has something for every member of your family, from the youngest to the oldest. Even if no one in your family has ever gardened before, our garden center in MI will show you how to get started. We’ll help you make sure everyone is involved in the planning, planting, and harvesting of your new garden. This is a great way to bring the family together and develop skills like teamwork, patience, and perseverance.

Consider these options for your new garden:

  • Plant a vegetable garden. This is a great way to get kids excited about eating their veggies, because they’ll grow it all themselves. Plus, garden-grown veggies taste better, which may make you kids appreciate their leafy greens even more.
  • Plant a butterfly garden. There are lots of plants that are known to attract butterflies. Start a butterfly garden and spend family time spotting new and different varieties of visitors to your yard.
  • Plant a flower garden. Planting lots of flowers great for cutting can lead to another activity you can all enjoy together: making bouquets. Deliver beautiful nose-gays to your neighbors, or delight someone at the local nursing home.

Gardening is great for getting your entire family outside and into the sunshine. Kids learn about the life cycle and connect with the world around them instead of another screen. It’s a great bonding experience for everyone in your family. Come talk to one of our gardening experts and we’ll help you plan your new garden!