Whether or not you successfully planted a garden last year, the beauty of gardening is that each spring brings new potential. This winter while you are stuck indoors will be a great time to get a better understanding of what you can do differently to the garden you will be planting in a few months compared to last year’s garden. When doing this, remember to always start with the basics. You may think you know every single step that goes into having a successful vegetable garden but by missing just one tiny things, you could jeopardize all that you may eventually reap from your garden.

The basics we are referring to here are simple: plot size, which vegetables to grow and when they should be planted. Along with covering these bases, you should also consider asking yourself the following questions:
1. Does where you want to garden to be placed get a good amount of sun exposure?
When you are growing vegetables, they need anywhere from 8-8 hours of full sun exposure every single day.
2. Are your gardening tools all still in good shape?
You will need a few basic gardening tools regardless of what you are planting in your garden next year. These tools include a garden fork, a hoe, a hand weeder, a space, a soaking hose and a wheelbarrow or bucket. Winter is a great time to stock up on gardening tools as they are often on sale.
3. Should you test your soil before planting?
Some soil does perfectly fine with just the simple help of a compost. however, some soil needs an extra hand. If you are unsure of the state of your soil, make sure to purchase a soil test kit before putting any seeds in the ground.
Be sure to visit Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center this winter and let us help be more than prepared for spring and all of your gardening plans.