Valentine’s Day comes but once a year and while it is thought to be the signature holiday to send that special someone in your life flowers and chocolate, other gifts may be a better alternative. You see, February is the month when avid gardeners take to their gardening notebooks and begin planning out everything they would like to accomplish this year where their garden is concerned. If you sweetheart loves to spend the spring and summer tilling, sowing seeds and reaping the harvest, then Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show her that you know what has been on her mind as of late.

If you are more traditional when it comes to the most romantic holiday, you can step just the tiniest bit out of your comfort zone and buy your honey a plant that she can nurture until it is time for her to begin planting her garden. If you, on the other hand, want to give her something that will truly come in handy when she begins to garden this year, the possibilities for gardening gifts are endless at Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center!

Show that special person in your life how well you know them by giving them something they will be able to use all gardening season for Valentine’s Day this year. We are positive you will find the perfect gift or gifts that not only show your significant other that you love them but that you pay attention to the things that make them happy. Come in to Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center today and start shopping!