Mother’s Day is approaching soon, the day when people everywhere express gratitude for everything their mother did to raise them and make them the person they are. As such, the pressure is on to find Mom the perfect gift  or get her the most beautiful flowers. Most people will search the stores for bouquets put together for the occasion, but are cut flowers really sending the right message? They are beautiful now, but will fade and die in a week. If you want to show your mother that your gratitude for her generosity, and your love for her, will last forever, get her hanging flower baskets in 48601, from Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center. A flower basket can be displayed in the home for guests to enjoy, and can also be kept longer than the standard vase of flowers. Mom can nurture and care for the flowers in the same way she cared for you, making a flower basket a more sentimental and meaningful gift.