With the autumn season just a week away, you are likely starting to look forward to the lack of yard work you will be doing over the next six months or so. However, don’t get ahead of yourself as there are still some imperative tasks that have to be completed before you can neglect your lawn for winter.


Now is the time to get rid of any weeds that are still running rampant throughout your yard. If you want to have less weeds come spring, this will help. Remove as many as possible and see a healthy yard when the warm weather returns.


This is the time of year during which it is best to aerate your soil in any places that seem compacted. You will also want to start lowering your mower blade over the next couple of months so that your grass is fairly short by the time the first snow falls.

Trees & Shrubs

If you have been considering planting a new tree or shrub in your yard, do so now. The soil temperature is perfect for such a task, meaning the root systems will develop wonderfully. Keep in mind that you will need to water whatever weyou plant, however, if your area doesn’t get much rain in September.

Need Help?

If you need gardening or landscaping supplies, stop into Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center today. We can help you prepare for winter and get that last bit of yardwork out of the way so you can start looking forward to spring!