Our order of bare-root roses will be shipping to us soon, and we will be planting them and getting them ready for you! Here’s a rundown of some of the new roses to look for this season.

‘Ketchup & Mustard’: You can tell from its name the color partners that are featured on this rose. This medium-sized floribunda has bright red petals with a mustard-colored center. This beautiful contrast makes this a perfect rose to feature in a perennial border or garden. It has a mild fragrance and the colors don’t fade until the flowers naturally drop.

‘Koko Loko’: This floribunda is so unusual…it looks good enough to eat…or maybe drink in this case. The cocoa is creamy like latte. But the latte goes loco to finish all lavender! You just can’t imagine a milky chocolate-colored bud would mature to be a solid soft lavender blossom. Early to bloom, every lovely bud spirals open with impeccable show form. The flowers last long on the plant & in the vase. Beyond its novelty, there lies a great plant..rounded, handsome & bushy.chock full of green leaves.

‘Sunshine Daydream’: This All-America Rose Selections winner for 2012 is a large-sized grandiflora rose. The bush grows 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide, so it can hold its own in a mixed shrub border. The large-sized, light yellow flowers grow in a cup shape, like the blooms of old-fashioned roses. The plant is vigorous and disease resistant.

‘Sugar Moon’: White roses exude elegance…but not much in the way of fragrance…until now! In this case, ‘exude’ is too delicate a word ’cause this honey will bulldoze you down with its powerful cold-cream perfume. Big pointed buds spiral open to show off broad petals of the purest white you can imagine. This hybrid tea with black-green leaves make the pure white posies pop all the more. Good rebloom, natural vigor & long cutting stems make this a perfect addition for a cutting garden.or even just a smellin’ garden.

‘Stormy Weather’: If you’re looking for a stunning climber, try ‘Stormy Weather’. The smoky, deep purple, double flowers have hints of white that bring out the color even more. This climber grows 6 to 8 feet tall and has good disease resistance.