Winters in Saginaw means you probably only get to see flowers at your garden greenhouse, for those who have the luxury of such a building. But for you hardcore gardeners out there who are counting the days until you can get back out in your garden, here is a list of things you can do this winter to help pass the time. Since, you know, you can’t very well garden in the dead of winter.

Winter is the perfect season to read a good book or 6 or 16. Basically, if you garden all summer, then you probably have a lot of time to kill, so start reading up about gardening. There are no doubt more books about gardening than gardens in our state. That is just a guess, but our point is take a trip to the bookstore or the library and read up on gardening. There is no better way to get a head start on next year’s garden.

You can join a garden club. Hop on your computer, laptop or tablet and use Google to help you find a garden club in the area. Yes, they do exist. This is a great way to grind away time and learn about gardening. You will also probably meet a lot of new people and even make some friends.

Now is the perfect time to plan and design your garden. That’s right, grab a notebook and pen and start taking notes on what you want to grow this next year. If you have an ounce of talent, you could even plot out just where you will plant everything.

Go on, get off your chair and go do something. You will feel better about the cold and snow.