1. Attracting Monarch Butterflies

    By Kylee Baumle The monarch butterflies have returned from their overwintering sites for the summer. If they are from the eastern two-thirds of the United States, each year they will travel hundreds of miles to a specific site in Mexico, where they spend the winter. The monarchs west of the Rocky Mountains will fly to sites in California. Now that they are back, the monarchs will spend the summer …Read More

  2. Water, Water, Water!!

    The continued heat and drought conditions have put stress on most plants, trees and shrubs. It is so IMPORTANT that you are watering properly. Here are three good articles on proper watering techniques. Also, with hanging baskets be sure to water until the water starts to run out the bottom of the basket. If your basket has dried out, you will need to put it in a kiddie pool or larger bucket with …Read More