1. Best Garden Tips

    By Jenny Peterson The longer I garden, the more I collect tips from other gardeners that help me garden better, more quickly, or more efficiently. I love having that moment in garden chitchat when one of us exclaims, "I didn't know that!" or "That's a great idea!" Here are some of the best garden tips I've collected over the years. Some I learned from friends, others from my landscape crew, and st…Read More

  2. Stunning New Roses

    Our order of bare-root roses will be shipping to us soon, and we will be planting them and getting them ready for you! Here's a rundown of some of the new roses to look for this season. 'Ketchup & Mustard': You can tell from its name the color partners that are featured on this rose. This medium-sized floribunda has bright red petals with a mustard-colored center. This beautiful contrast makes…Read More

  3. What Are Heirlooms Anyway?

    By Kylee Baumle When I first heard the term heirloom bandied about when talking about seeds (mostly tomatoes), I thought I knew what it meant. But if I had to explain it to someone, I wasn't really sure I could and get it right. So I looked it up. Think of it like this. Most of us understand what a family heirloom is-an article that has been handed down from one generation to the next for a long t…Read More

  4. Attracting Monarch Butterflies

    By Charlie Nardozzi One of the best ways to add edible crops to even a small yard is to grow a fruit tree. More gardeners are turning to edible landscaping to grow their own food. One of the best ways to add edible crops to even a small yard is to grow a fruit tree. Modern varieties of fruit trees are adapted to most areas of the country; many varieties only require one tree to produce fruit, and …Read More

  5. Attracting Monarch Butterflies

    By Kylee Baumle The monarch butterflies have returned from their overwintering sites for the summer. If they are from the eastern two-thirds of the United States, each year they will travel hundreds of miles to a specific site in Mexico, where they spend the winter. The monarchs west of the Rocky Mountains will fly to sites in California. Now that they are back, the monarchs will spend the summer …Read More

  6. Water, Water, Water!!

    The continued heat and drought conditions have put stress on most plants, trees and shrubs. It is so IMPORTANT that you are watering properly. Here are three good articles on proper watering techniques. Also, with hanging baskets be sure to water until the water starts to run out the bottom of the basket. If your basket has dried out, you will need to put it in a kiddie pool or larger bucket with …Read More