1. Learning The Greenhouse Basics

    Having your own greenhouse isn’t exactly a cakewalk. In fact, there are so many facets of running a successful greenhouse that even the most experienced of growers forget a step from time to time. In order to avoid this happening to you, we have put together a list of greenhouse basics that are sure to keep you growing and showing off your greenhouse for the long haul. First, it is important to …Read More

  2. From Beginner To Advanced This MI Garden Center Is Here To Help

          Gardening is so much bigger than simply having a garden and watering your plants… Gardening is a hobby, a sport, and a talent that only comes with hard work and dedication. Here at Abele Greenhouse & Garden Center in MI, we know that not everyone comes into this world with a green thumb. But that’s ok! With us by your side, you don’t need one. Just a desire to have b…Read More

  3. This MI Garden Center Is A One Stop Shop For All The Best Plants

    We Have It All From annual plants and perennials, to vegetables and shrubs, Abele Green House & Garden Center in MI, has it all. With so many great plants in stock we are pleased to say that we have just about every single plant that can grow healthily and happily right here in the beautiful state for Missouri! You may be thinking… they can’t possibly have all the exact plants I want for m…Read More

  4. Get the Supplies You Need at Your Local Saginaw Greenhouse

    While spring is the ideal time to dig and plant your garden, the planning stage should begin in February or March. Your first step is to decide just what type of garden you want this year. You have several choices, you could plant a vegetable garden, an herb garden or perhaps a flower garden. You could go all-star and maintain several gardens this year, if you so desire.  The next thing you will …Read More

  5. Shopping Your Saginaw, MI Garden Center Makes You Yearn the Warm Days of Summer

    Shopping your Saginaw, MI garden center makes you yearn the warm days of summer when you can once again spend time in your garden. Growing your garden does more than just produce tasty vegetables for your dinner table, the benefits run much deeper than that. That garden you tend each year can improve your health, boost your mood and even save you money. Here are a few other benefits your garden re…Read More

  6. Winters in Saginaw Means You Probably Only get to See Flowers at Your Garden Greenhouse

    Winters in Saginaw means you probably only get to see flowers at your garden greenhouse, for those who have the luxury of such a building. But for you hardcore gardeners out there who are counting the days until you can get back out in your garden, here is a list of things you can do this winter to help pass the time. Since, you know, you can't very well garden in the dead of winter. Winter is the…Read More

  7. Something to Keep in Mind as You Prepare for Your Spring Garden with Greenhouse Supplies from Your Saginaw Garden Center

    For a long time nature been known for its relaxing qualities and as a place for us to discover peace as well as healing. It is then of no surprise that gardening is associated with a great deal of mental as well as physical rewards. This is something to keep in mind as you prepare for your spring garden with greenhouse supplies from your Saginaw garden center. From soil preparation to the harvesti…Read More

  8. Cold and Snow are Just Around the Corner, So Now is a Great Time to Head to Your Saginaw, MI Garden Center and Stock Up on Indoor Plants

    Though you might not want to admit it, winter is nearly here. November has arrived and cold and snow are just around the corner, so now is a great time to head to your Saginaw, MI garden center and stock up on indoor plants. You may not be aware, but when you adorn your interior spaces with houseplants, you are not just adding aesthetic appeal, you are adding living organisms that positively inter…Read More

  9. From Our Greenhouse to Your Garden, the Vegetables You Grew Over the Summer Offered More Than Just a Tasty Dish

    As you are enjoying the fruits of your labor, creating healthy and tasty cuisine with the vegetables plucked directly from your garden, you are probably not aware of the benefits gardening holds. As you are prepping the peas, cucumbers and tomatoes you raised, consider the studies that have discovered gardening improves both your physical as well as mental health. From our greenhouse to your garde…Read More

  10. Prepare for Autumn with Greenhouse Supplies from Abele

    September will soon be here and at Abele, we hope that you've enjoyed a wonderful summer full of fresh fruits and vegetables from your very own garden. It will soon be time to harvest the remainder of your bounty and prepare your garden for cooler weather. We've had some cool days, as well as some warm days, but autumn will soon be here and colder temperatures will prevail. If you're looking for e…Read More