1. Garden Center in MI helps get your garden started

    Nothing is more satisfying and rewarding than serving food that is home-cooked and hand-grown in your own garden. Provide for your family and impress your friends with a spectacular salad grown from your own garden vegetables. A vegetable garden can flourish under even the most novice gardener, and create an abundance of vegetables that can be sold or given away in plenty. Save time and money at t…Read More

  2. Garden Center in MI has all your starter needs

    Starting a garden from scratch can be a very tricky and unrewarding process if everything is not completed accurately. You have to get the absolute right amount of sunlight and water for plants to germinate. Soaking the seeds before planting can help speed up the process. However, if a late frost or summer comes too soon, your plants can be ruined before they even break the surface. Investing in a…Read More

  3. Garden center in MI has all of your gardening needs

    Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center carries everything you need to get started on this year's garden. Whether you are planting your first garden or looking to fully landscape your entire yard, they can provide the knowledge and expertise to help you plan before you plant. Once their landscape designer helps get everything situated from what plants you want and where, this garden center in MI has al…Read More

  4. If you plan to get your garden from a garden center in MI

    The two main plants that comprise most gardens are annuals and perennials. Annuals are fleeting, and bloom one year before dying, but usually last several months. Perennials can surprise you by returning year after year to bring color to your yard, so it pays to know what you are planting when you plan your garden. Abele Greenhouse and Garden can help make the decision, as they know plants. They h…Read More