1. Get the Supplies You Need at Your Local Saginaw Greenhouse

    While spring is the ideal time to dig and plant your garden, the planning stage should begin in February or March. Your first step is to decide just what type of garden you want this year. You have several choices, you could plant a vegetable garden, an herb garden or perhaps a flower garden. You could go all-star and maintain several gardens this year, if you so desire.  The next thing you will …Read More

  2. Winters in Saginaw Means You Probably Only get to See Flowers at Your Garden Greenhouse

    Winters in Saginaw means you probably only get to see flowers at your garden greenhouse, for those who have the luxury of such a building. But for you hardcore gardeners out there who are counting the days until you can get back out in your garden, here is a list of things you can do this winter to help pass the time. Since, you know, you can't very well garden in the dead of winter. Winter is the…Read More

  3. Something to Keep in Mind as You Prepare for Your Spring Garden with Greenhouse Supplies from Your Saginaw Garden Center

    For a long time nature been known for its relaxing qualities and as a place for us to discover peace as well as healing. It is then of no surprise that gardening is associated with a great deal of mental as well as physical rewards. This is something to keep in mind as you prepare for your spring garden with greenhouse supplies from your Saginaw garden center. From soil preparation to the harvesti…Read More

  4. You Can Buy Gift Cards Online For Gardening Supplies in Saginaw

    The Christmas season is here! It's such a great time of year to spend with your family and friends. Most people aren't thinking about gardening right now, when the snow is falling and they are wrapped up warm in their homes. But you probably have a gardener on your Christmas shopping list that's dreaming of spring already! Remind them that winter won't last forever and they'll be back in their spr…Read More

  5. Get your start with gardening supplies in Saginaw

    A greenhouse such as Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center is the ideal place to begin when you are thinking about starting a garden - from tools and friendly experts to the very plants you need, they've got everything. They are the only place to find top-quality gardening supplies in Saginaw, from trowels and shovels to watering cans and wheelbarrows. They also have soil, fertilizer, and weed-killer…Read More

  6. Year-round gardening supplies in Saginaw

    Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center is open year round to answer gardening questions and offer supplies. The best place to get gardening supplies in Saginaw, they have everything you need for the spring season. They also offer giftcards good for their explosion of color in spring and summer.…Read More

  7. Gardening supplies in Saginaw help your garden bloom

    The end of summer usually means the end of the growing season as well, though there are late-blooming flowers. To make the most of your garden through all months, get your gardening supplies in Saginaw. Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center has everything you need all year long for your best garden.…Read More

  8. Gardening supplies from Saginaw keep you prepared

    Gardening is one of the most physical hobbies a person can take up, but there are a lot of gardening supplies in Saginaw that can make it easier. Watering systems, shovels, rakes, and other tools are designed to help your garden flourish. Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center has everything you need for supplies and tools to get started and keep your garden looking great.…Read More