1. Fall May Be The Best Time To Do Your Planting

    You may think your gardening days are coming to a close as the warm weather begins to change into that cool autumn breeze and you collect the last of the vegetables from your garden. However, what you may not know is there are several reasons you should be planting in the fall. For one, there are sure to be sales as the cold weather approaches. Whereas people tend to pay a ton in the Spring for ga…Read More

  2. Garden To Dos For August In Michigan

    August is almost here and that means you can finally start reaping some more of the rewards in your garden. In Michigan, it’s important to recognize that we have to follow a certain set of steps that will help you gain the best outcome when concerning your garden. Below are a few steps you should take to make sure your garden continues to thrive as you begin to harvest more and more. 1. Begin wa…Read More

  3. 10 Tools Every Gardener Must Have (Part 2)

    Last blog post we started a list of the must-have gardening tools every new gardener needs in order for them to be successful. This blog post we continue this list: Long Hose With Rain Wand A hose is of course a must have for your garden. Rubber hoses are the best as they last much longer than plastic hoses. Make sure the hose comes with brass couplings and not plastic. Overall, the avoid plastic.…Read More

  4. 10 Tools Every Gardener Must Have (Part 1)

    If you are starting a new garden and have gotten very excited about the idea how spend your spring and summer in the soil, you may end up going a little overboard at the garden store. So to prevent you from spending hours walking in circles looking at different tools we have compiled a list of garden tools that are a must-have for a new gardener. Spade These are shovels with square heads and short…Read More

  5. Gardening Tips For The Dog Days of Summer

    July is just around the corner and with it comes outrageous temperatures. We know you put a ton of work into your garden this spring and it would be nice if you could just sit back and relax while you watch your seedlings sprout and flourish. Unfortunately, there is some additional maintenance that is required if you want your garden to have the best possible outcome. Tip #1: Watch for pests! If y…Read More

  6. Cold and Snow are Just Around the Corner, So Now is a Great Time to Head to Your Saginaw, MI Garden Center and Stock Up on Indoor Plants

    Though you might not want to admit it, winter is nearly here. November has arrived and cold and snow are just around the corner, so now is a great time to head to your Saginaw, MI garden center and stock up on indoor plants. You may not be aware, but when you adorn your interior spaces with houseplants, you are not just adding aesthetic appeal, you are adding living organisms that positively inter…Read More

  7. Gardening supplies for any green thumb

    Beginning a garden for the first time with no prior experience or knowledge can be a daunting project. With the right tools and expert advice, however, you can turn a patch of dirt into a lovely vegetable or flower garden. There are several gardening supplies and pieces of equipment that make the job easier. The most basic of tools include a spade or trowel, for digging the initial holes for plant…Read More

  8. The right gardening supplies for the job

    Gardening is a hobby that requires a very specific and unique set of tools to be successful. It is more than just a shovel and watering can, though this basic set will be enough for any beginning gardener learning the ways of nature. There are gardening supplies available for every level of experience and garden type. Depending on how much of the work you want to do, you can get machines that make…Read More