1. Get the Supplies You Need at Your Local Saginaw Greenhouse

    While spring is the ideal time to dig and plant your garden, the planning stage should begin in February or March. Your first step is to decide just what type of garden you want this year. You have several choices, you could plant a vegetable garden, an herb garden or perhaps a flower garden. You could go all-star and maintain several gardens this year, if you so desire.  The next thing you will …Read More

  2. Winters in Saginaw Means You Probably Only get to See Flowers at Your Garden Greenhouse

    Winters in Saginaw means you probably only get to see flowers at your garden greenhouse, for those who have the luxury of such a building. But for you hardcore gardeners out there who are counting the days until you can get back out in your garden, here is a list of things you can do this winter to help pass the time. Since, you know, you can't very well garden in the dead of winter. Winter is the…Read More

  3. From Our Greenhouse to Your Garden, the Vegetables You Grew Over the Summer Offered More Than Just a Tasty Dish

    As you are enjoying the fruits of your labor, creating healthy and tasty cuisine with the vegetables plucked directly from your garden, you are probably not aware of the benefits gardening holds. As you are prepping the peas, cucumbers and tomatoes you raised, consider the studies that have discovered gardening improves both your physical as well as mental health. From our greenhouse to your garde…Read More

  4. Weekly specials from green house in Saginaw

    Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center is the best value for seedlings, plants, tools, and expert advice about gardening and planting. In addition to that, this green house in Saginaw provides weekly specials for certain items that provide exceptional savings to their customers. Check online or stop in today for the best deals on the strongest and healthiest plants available to make your garden specta…Read More

  5. Green house in Saginaw makes any garden special

    Starting a garden from seeds is a difficult project that can often lead to disappointingly barren results. Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center does the hard work for you, and has seedlings and plants all ready to go for the intrepid gardener. This green house in Saginaw makes gardening an enjoyable and less stressful experience for everyone.…Read More

  6. Add touches of color with a green house in Saginaw

    The predominant color seen throughout spring and summer is green, and the same is true for Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center. This green house and Saginaw helps you add color to your garden with flowers and vegetables. Stop in today before the weather turns cold for future planting ideas to make your garden more colorful.…Read More

  7. Green house in Saginaw knows the business

    Ever since the invention of the greenhouse, people have been able to cultivate more and better plants in a larger variety of climates. Abele Greenhouse and Garden Center takes advantage of this beneficial technique to bring dozens of kinds of flowers, vegetables, and shrubs into the world and nurture them. Customers can continue the benefits of this green house in Saginaw for all of their gardenin…Read More